2 to 5 days or more of intensive training with our ISA Level II certified coach.

The intensive Surf Coaching Program is ideal for beginner surfers who wish to learn how to catch green waves consistently and perform their first trimmings and carvings.

If you can’t wait 18 months to book your surf camp with Surf Simply in Costa Rica, come to Mexico! We are a great alternative. ๐Ÿ™‚

When you’ll finally go there, you won’t go as a level 1 surfer. Minimum you’ll get there as a level 2 or possibly a level 3.

We give our Surf Lessons in Punta Mita, precisely at Playa La Lancha that has nothing to envy to playa Guiones.

Beginners – Day 1

surfing theory class
With a good theory class surfing will be funnier

On the first day, our coach will give you a theory class on the beach to teach you about waves, currents and how to reach the lineup out the back safely.

surfing theory class paddling
Learn how to paddle out to the lineup

The training continues with an explanation about the X spot (the ideal point on the wave to take off), how to paddle into your 1st wave and how to popup and take off.

surfing theory class popup
Learning how to take off on the beach

The theory class ends with an explanation of how to perform trimmings and carvings (turns).

surfing class white waters
Surfing in white waters

After the theory, the practice may start. In the beginning, you will be pushed into white waters (broken waves) to practice the popup and take off in a funny, but totally safe environment.

Surfing the first green wave

Good swimmers with a good sense of balance will be taken to experience their first green waves (unbroken waves) right away.

Beginners – Day 2

surfing class more green waves
More green waves

On the second day, you will ride as many green waves as possible and start practicing the bottom turn (trimming) and the carving.

Beginners – From day 3

surfing class bigger green waves
Getting bigger green waves

Practice, practice and more practice. After the first two days, we will focus entirely on riding bigger waves and have as much fun as possible.


intermidiates surfing class
Going intermidiate!

Want to improve your skills? Just let us know what areas you want to focus on and we will provide you with the knowledge and training needed to master surfing.


experts surf class
Train your aerials with us!

We’ll take you to ride the best waves of the bay and you will have a local coach looking after you all the time.


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