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Sayulita Surf

Sayulita is a laid back Surf Town with a Hippie vibe located approx 50km (30 miles) north of Puerto Vallarta.

Locals say that Sayulita was created 5000 years ago by the gods of waves.

One of them being God Oz, who wanted Sayulita to be the place with perfect Waves.

There are no traces of when people started surfing in Sayulita.

We know for sure that it became a tourist surfing destination after 1965 when the road La Varas – Vallarta was completed.

The secluded location, warm waters and consistent waves that break +300 days a year, attracted more and more rover surfers from up north.

What once was a village totally dedicated to coconut agriculture and fishery, turned today into a sophisticated surfing location enjoyed by travelers from all over the world.

Nowadays, Sayulita is a Pueblo Magico (Magic Town), with a cosmopolitan atmosphere where tourism literally exploded in the last decade.

Packed with hotels and restaurants for all pockets, it is considered a mecca for longboarders, beginner and intermediate surfers.

Sayulita’s Waves

Sayulita offers 3 surf breaks:


1 Beginner’s Sandbar

At the south end of the beach, the sandbar creates a long and wide mellow left wave that is ideal for beginners.

In this gentle left-hand wave, you will be able to practice the correct paddling technique, the popup and take off almost in slow motion.

You will be able to perceive everything that is happening around you.

You’ll have time to adjust the position of your feet on the board and your balance without being overwhelmed by the very strong push of the average oceanic waves.

Still, the thrill of the ride will be remarkable and after your first wave, you’ll be in for more and more!

Being such a fantastic place for beginners, most surf instructors give their beginners classes here, so it can get a little crowded.

Make sure to always respect the surf etiquette.

Ideal Left Sandbar Swell – Wind – Tide

  • Swell: from South-West, West.
  • Wind: from East, South-East, South.
  • Tide: mid to high.

2 Right River Mouth Rock Bottom Break

El Punto (The Point) o La Derecha (The Right) as locals call it, is the main surf break of Sayulita and it is a right-hand river mouth wave with rock bottom.

This is where most intermediate and expert surfers gather in a lineup that can get a little too crowded, especially in high season.

That said, this is one of the most consistent breaks of the area and the ride is a fun one, especially for longboarders.

The wave height is rarely above chest high. It is wide and mellow enough for beginners to try it too, especially when the swell isn’t the strongest.

The rock bottom is to be aware of, but it’s not really that much of a hazard.

Sayulita swells are pretty consistent throughout the year. There are more consistent swells during the winter time, however, the best possible surfing conditions can be found during the summer months when South – South West swells hit the shore.

Ideal Right Break Swell – Wind – Tide

  • Swell: from South-West, West.
  • Wind: from East, South-East, South.
  • Tide: mid to low.

3 Left River Mouth Rock Bottom Break

When it picks up, la Izquierda (The Left) is probably the funniest of the waves of Sayulita. It is located a bit northern up after the river mouth.

It is the less consistent of the 3 waves because it needs a bit of a stronger swell to break.

Generally, it is 1 foot less than the Right, but it is faster and generally a lot less crowded.

The Left is a wave for intermediate and expert surfers and it is more suited for shortboards.

Rocks at the bottom are to be aware of, but they are not dangerous and the worst it can happen is a scratch to your foot.

Ideal Left Break Swell – Wind – Tide

  • Swell: from South-West, West.
  • Wind: from East, South-East, South.
  • Tide: mid to low.

Surf Lessons in Sayulita

The typical surf lessons for beginners in Sayulita will be carried out in the sandbar in front of Don Pedro’s Restaurant.

You will find plenty of other schools both in town and directly on the beach. In Sayulita and in general everywhere in the Riviera Nayarit, there are surf schools providing 2 different services.

1) Experiencing surf.

You are thought the basics and they make sure that you ride some waves and have fun.

2) Technical surf lessons.

In this kind of Surf Lessons, the theoretical part is as important as the practical part.

Nothing is left to the case.

The most advanced schools (like ours) even offer video analysis of your performances (this is an extra service).

Viewing yourself in the act, will help you correct mistakes right away and improve a lot faster. This allows surfing more and bigger waves, having more fun.

School offering the 2nd type of lessons normally charge twice if not more than the 1st type of schools.

However, the service provided is also on a completely different level.

Our surf coaching experience definitely falls in the second category and we are the only school featuring a Level II ISA certified trainer.

Because Sayulita’s beach can be very crowded and surf lessons for beginners are carried out close to the shore, providing surf lessons here is far from ideal.

Swimmers, bystanders and children playing on the shore break create the potential for collisions and it can be dangerous for both the surfers and the bathers.

The beaches between Punta Mita and La Cruz de Huanacaxtle, isolated and remote, are the ideal setting for Surf lessons. Playa La Lancha close to Punta de Mita is our favorite place for surf lessons.

It is only 20 minutes away from Sayulita and you should definitely check it out!

That said if the 20 minutes ride is too long for you, we will provide the surf lessons is Sayulita too.

Book a surf coaching experience or multi-day program now. You are only one step from surfing your first oceanic wave!

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Water Quality Update

April 2019: The new wastewater treatment plant and emissor are operational and the Water Pollution problem appears to be solved once and for all. For more info please see: Sayulitas new sewage treatment plant and emissor

Since Sayulita’s tourism growth is out of control, the sewage infrastructure is under major stress.

While most of the year the water is NOT contaminated at all, during high season the problem can’t be hidden.

Sayulita Beach was declared safe to swim by the Semarnat in Easter 2018. However it is still the second most contaminated beach in Mexico.

The Sayulita Community is working both privately and institutionally to solve the problem, the situation is almost resolved, but not quite yet. (March 2019)