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“The ocean is the one place I can go to, for peace.”

Did you know that surfing brings an explosion of feel-good chemicals in your brain?

It starts with the anticipation. Before every new surf session our brain start producing Dopamine. That’s what makes surfing so addictive.

Giving your brain another activity to crave for, helps to recover from heavy addictions, like opioids addiction.

The Adrenaline released in our system after each successful ride brings energy and makes us feel powerful.

Endorphins is a natural pain killer and its release is linked to a sense of euphoria also know as “Runner’s High”.

The last, but not least feel-good chemical released by our brain during every surfing session is Serotonin, a neurotransmitter that relieves stress, depression, and anxiety.

The level of serotonin in our brain after a surf session is what makes us feel more confident and mentally strong.

This is mainly why surfing is a great therapy for conditions such as Stress, PTSD, Depression, and Anxiety.

Green Lagoon Surf Therapy Sessions

The water in our bay is warm and the waves are ideal for beginners.

Virtually anyone can surf them safely, that’s why they are the ideal setting for a Surf therapy session.

We can take you surfing in a very safe environment and make you experience the best natural therapy you’ll ever try.

We normally take our customers for Therapy sessions in Playa La Lancha, Punta Mita, but they can also be taken in Sayulita.

Prices – Surf Therapy Session

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