Surfing In Punta Mita

There are several surf breaks in the Punta Mita area, our favorites being Playa La Lancha, El Anclote and Punta Burros

However, before talking about them, we want to clarify something that could be confusing for first-time visitors.

The difference between, “Punta Mita”, “Punta de Mita” and the “Punta Mita Area”.

Punta Mita is Mexico’s premiere luxury golf and spa vacation enclave.

Home to the Four Seasons and St Regis Hotels, 2 awards winning golf courses and several private luxury residences.

The most exclusive holiday resort of all Mexico, located at the tip of the Punta de Mita peninsula.

Punta de Mita is the village at the entrance of the Punta Mita Resort.

For locals, the Punta Mita area goes from the Cruz de Huanacaxtle to Sayulita and it features 9 great surf breaks.

surfing punta mita spots map

Why Surfing In Punta Mita

Surf breaks in this area are consistent, mostly secluded and thus a lot less crowded than the beach of Sayulita. The water here never had pollution problems.

This is why we prefer the surf breaks of this area and we rather bring our customers to these shores.

Our favorite spots, where most likely we will take you to surf are :

1) Playa La Lancha

A pristine beach with white sand, turquoise warm waters 365 days a year and several peaks to ride.

Playa la Lancha is a beginners and longboarders paradise.

There are no infrastructures, no bars or restaurants, no sunbeds, umbrellas or beach vendors.

Playa la Lancha is literally an unspoiled beach.

This is the most consistent surf break of the area and our top choice to give surf classes surrounded by nature and wildlife.

Here you’ll meet gorgeous green turtles popping up in the line up to breath.

green turtle in punta mita

Make sure to respect them and don’t get too close or touch them as they might slap you or even try to bite you.

Otherwise, they are very peaceful animals and they won’t bother you at all.

In winter time pelicans and other seabirds create a spectacle when diving into the ocean to fish.

pelicans and other seabirds fishing in la lancha

From December to April it is possible to see Whales jumping and splashing on the horizon.

la lancha whales

In the Swamp next to the beach you can occasionally see Crocodiles. Make sure kids and dogs don’t get too close and there will be no danger.

Waves of Playa La Lancha

At the beach entrance, there is a mellow wave that breaks over a sandbar. This is the ideal wave for first-time surfers.

A more challenging, but still mellow right wave rock bottom beach break is one of the best spots for intermediate/advanced surfers and longboarders.

There is also a faster-left wave with a couple of submerged boulders close to the take-off zone, which makes it a bit daunting.

The left wave is definitely more suitable for surfers with experience.

Waves in La Lancha are normally head to chest high. They can fire up to 6/7 feet though.

Above that, which is very rare, the waves tend to close out and become non-surfable.

Ideal La Lancha Swell – Wind – Tide

  • Swell : from West, North-West.
  • Wind : from East, North-East.
  • Tide : mid to low.

Getting to Playa la Lancha

Playa la Lancha access is visible across the highway from the Pemex Gas Station 4km southeast of Punta de Mita or 13.4km North West of the Cruz de Huanacaxtle.

A 8-minute hike in the jungle leads to the beach. During the summer season, it is recommended to bring mosquito repellent.

2) El Anclote

foil surfing el anclote

Foil Surfing El Anclote in Punta de Mita

When waves are big and not surfable in La Lancha and Punta Burros, it’s time to go to “El Anclote” beach.

El Anclote is located on the far West end of the Punta de Mita beach.

It is the easiest surf break to access in the area. You can park your car and with 2 minutes walk, you’ll be ready to surf.

Punta de Mita beach features several bars and restaurants. For this reason, it is the perfect place to bring your family along. They’ll have plenty of activity to do while you surf. You can also take advantage of it to refresh between a ride and the other.

El Anclote’s Wave

This is not a particularly consistent wave. A big summer south swell is needed for El Anclote to break. Occasionally, big winter north swells can fire up El Anclote too.

The wave is mellow and ideal for longboarders and it is by far the longest ride of the bay.

In good days, this right wave point break over rock bottom can be surfed for well over 500 meters and the ride can last close to 1 minute.

Because of this wave, Punta de Mita is also known as the Mexican Malibù.

The biggest difference being the crowd.

While you’ll never be alone in El Anclote when it breaks, there are never too many people and a scarcity of waves.

Waves in El Anclote are normally head to chest high and occasionally, but it is very rare, they can go as high as head to overhead (7ft).

Ideal El Anclote Swell – Wind – Tide

  • Swell: from South, South-West.
  • Wind: from North North-West.
  • Tide: mid to low.

Getting to Playa El Anclote

Playa Anclote access is at the west end of Avenida El Anclote in Punta de Mita. Most people pass through the El Coral Restaurant to access it.

3) Punta Burros

punta burros cliff

Punta Burros is a cliff that separates a wild beach, location of few luxury villas and the Grand Palladium Vallarta Resort & Spa.

The only way to reach the beach is 10 minutes walk through the jungle.

Access to the pathway is the dirt road on the left-hand side of the Hotel’s entrance.

Punta Burros’ Waves

Punta Burros is our favorite break in the whole Bahia de Banderas Bay. While it is not ideal for a first time surfing experience, intermediate and expert surfers will have a lot of fun here.

Punta Burros is a fairly exposed rock bottom point break that generates mainly right waves and some occasional left waves.

While waves are only slightly bigger and faster than in La Lancha or El Anclote, here they are a lot more powerful.

punta burros tube

When the ideal swell and wind conditions are met, Punta Burros is one of the only waves around here where you can get barrelled.

The left wave in front of the beach instead is more suitable for beginners.

The best period of the year in Punta Burros is winter. Nonetheless, the big south swell can create great conditions in the summertime too.

Waves in Punta Burros are normally head to chest high and occasionally they can go as high as head to overhead here too (7ft).

Ideal Punta Burros Swell – Wind – Tide

  • Swell: from North, North-West.
  • Wind: from North North-Est.
  • Tide: mid to low.

Getting to Punta Burros

It is very easy to find Punta Burros. At the 16,9 km of the Carretera Punta de Mita, you’ll see signs of the Grand Palladium Vallarta Resort & Spa.

Turn right if coming from Punta de Mita or left if you are coming from La Cruz de Huanacaxtle and park your car.

Take the dirt road to the left of the Hotel’s entrance and walk till you see a blue abandoned construction on your right.

Walk down the pathway until you get to the beach. The main break will be right in front of you!