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Surf Coaching Program

2 to 5 days or more of intensive training with our ISA Level II certified coach. The intensive Surf Coaching Program is ideal for beginner surfers who wish to learn how to catch green waves consistently and perform their first trimmings and carvings. If you can’t wait 18 months to book your surf camp with Surf Simply in Costa Rica, come to Mexico! We are a great alternative. 🙂 When you’ll finally go there, you won’t go as a level 1 surfer. Minimum you’ll get there as a level 2 or possibly a level 3. We give our Surf Lessons in Punta Mita, precisely at Playa La Lancha that has nothing to envy to playa Guiones. Beginners – Day 1 On the first day, our coach will give you a theory class on the beach to teach you about waves,

Surf Coaching Experience

Our surf lesson is a real surf coaching experience. We strive to give you more than riding a few waves. We are inspired by the work of Surf Simply in Costa Rica. Their three of knowledge is exemplary and because they made it free, we used it to outline our surf coaching experience. We give you the basis to understand surfing, to know how to behave in the ocean and to follow surfing etiquette so that you can even start practicing surfing on your own. Our favorite place to provide our surf lessons is Playa la Lancha, just a few km away from Punta de Mita. There are multiple reasons for this, the main one, being a less crowded beach and more waves for our students. This what you’ll get: A 3 hours Surf coaching Experience with our ISA Level

Surf Lessons for Groups

The Green Lagoon Surfing Team is able to handle classes for groups of +30 people. Our head coach works alongside several other surfing coach throughout the year. We also know all freelance and independent surf coaches of the Bay, who are always keen to help us with our biggest groups. We only employ surf coaches who we know personally and that have already provided classes to our clients following our standards. In similar cases we split the group in 3 or 4 for the theory class on the beach. In the water we assign 4/5 participants to each coach. We surfed with big groups of Dentists, Doctors and Real Estate agents who were attending a conference in the Puerto Vallarta and/or Nuevo Vallarta area. We also thought how to surf to a groom and a bride, and their big group

From Punta Mita to Oahu Hawaii

Lu reached out to our head coach Roberto when she was starting to surf. She requested an intensive Surf Coaching Program with a shortboard. Her dream was to become good enough to try and Surf some of the most challenging waves of the planet. At first, they focused on the basics. Then trained catching and surfing waves at an angle, generate speed and stay in the pocket of the wave. She wanted to get ready for bigger waves… …with a little bit of Roberto’s help, she definitely achieved her goals. See her surfing a nice size bomb in the Oahu’s North Shore, Hawaii. We can do the same for you! The beauty of our bay is that you can train all year long, in warm waters, with no dangers. Book your Intensive Surf Coaching Program today!

Surf Therapy Session

“The ocean is the one place I can go to, for peace.” Did you know that surfing brings an explosion of feel-good chemicals in your brain? It starts with the anticipation. Before every new surf session our brain start producing Dopamine. That’s what makes surfing so addictive. Giving your brain another activity to crave for, helps to recover from heavy addictions, like opioids addiction. The Adrenaline released in our system after each successful ride brings energy and makes us feel powerful. Endorphins is a natural pain killer and its release is linked to a sense of euphoria also know as “Runner’s High”. The last, but not least feel-good chemical released by our brain during every surfing session is Serotonin, a neurotransmitter that relieves stress, depression, and anxiety. The level of serotonin in our brain after a surf session is what

Surfing Puerto Vallarta

Is there surfing in puerto vallarta? Surfing in Puerto Vallarta is possible, but there are only a couple of surfable waves in Puerto Vallarta. The problem is they rarely break (max 5d/year). However, there are 17 great surf locations featuring at least 30 fantastic breaks, within 30 miles (50kms) from Down Town Puerto Vallarta. We’d be delighted to take you surfing in any of those. Or to recommend you the best place according to your surfing experience and ocean, wind and tide conditions. Our bay receives consistent, reliable swells most of the year. Winter, between November and March, is the best surfing season for the Puerto Vallarta area, Banderas Bay and the Riviera Nayarit. This is when the North Pacific swells hit the bay. Because most of the bay is facing west, waves will lose some size compared to other

Sayulita’s new Sewage Treatment Plant and Emissor

today April 16th, the governor of Nayarit inaugurated Sayulita’s new Sewage Treatment Plant and Emissor. This is great news and even bigger news is that the beach of Sayulita has already been declared safe for swimming. We can testify that the last part of the river, where sewage water was dumped daily in the past, is now dried and there is no longer any bad smell coming from the plant and surrounding areas. Water in the ocean by the beach already feels a lot better and the Sayulita Surf scene appears to be already revitalized. It may take some time for all the residues to be completely washed off from the shore. However, we believe the problem for the moment has been solved. We hope the new plant will be kept in perfect functioning order in the future too. Sayulita

Sayulita Beach safe for swimming (Holy Week 2019)

UPDATE APRIL 16th 2016. 1 day after the new wastewater treatment plant started to operate at full capacity, the beach has been declared safe to swim. More info here: Sayulita’s new Sewage Treatment Plant and Emissor. The Federal Commission for the Protection against Sanitary Risks (Cofepris) announced that of the 269 beaches in the country, only one is not in a position to receive vacationers this holiday period of Holy Week 2019. Unfortunately, it is our Sayulita Beach in Bahía de Banderas Nayarit, which is under permanent sanitary surveillance. “The health authority, analyzed in laboratory, more than 1600 samples of water from the beaches of greater public affluence of the main tourist destinations of the country, whose result was that all but one, meet the quality criteria established as ranges of protection to the user population “said the dependency dependent

Introducing Green Lagoon Surfing

The new online surf school covering Puerto Vallarta, Nuevo Vallarta, Punta de Mita, and Sayulita. Running an online Surf School reduces overhead costs and allows us to provide the best possible service at the best possible rate. We are starting to accept reservations for Semana Santa 2019. We hope to take you to experience the thrill of surfing. It will be an unforgettable experience!