today April 16th, the governor of Nayarit inaugurated Sayulita’s new Sewage Treatment Plant and Emissor.

This is great news and even bigger news is that the beach of Sayulita has already been declared safe for swimming.

We can testify that the last part of the river, where sewage water was dumped daily in the past, is now dried and there is no longer any bad smell coming from the plant and surrounding areas.

Water in the ocean by the beach already feels a lot better and the Sayulita Surf scene appears to be already revitalized.

It may take some time for all the residues to be completely washed off from the shore.

However, we believe the problem for the moment has been solved.

We hope the new plant will be kept in perfect functioning order in the future too.

Sayulita is a fantastic town with a great vibe. With the sewage problem solved, it could finally be what it deserves.

The top Surf destination of all Mexico.

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